It is not easy learning to live in a different country. I am sharing my experiences and hope someone will find it useful whether living here in Greece or any other country.

Saturday, March 23, 2013


After many times of traveling here and there with my tour guide I finally decided
today was the day to go for it on my own. Having memory problems I was a little
nervous and sure didn't want to get my anxiety going. Getting the bus ticket is my
hardest task since I don't speak Greek. So I have a ticket that is void and I just show
it to the person selling and they get the idea and bingo I have my ticket.

I have written down the bus number so all I have to do is find my way to the bus
stop and wait for the bus with the correct number.  Made it on, now I relax, look out
the window or just sit and watch people and try to pick up on a little Greek talk.

Having made this trip before with others, I keep myself a little note pad in my jacket
that I have written down the time it takes the bus to get to my destination. Now this
is great, but sometimes the driver has many stops and that makes the trip longer.
So I pick out something obvious at the destination, like a restaurant, a shopping
center, or in this case a big church. So, the bus approaches the church and I have
a big relief.

Now this seems funny and maybe a little childish to some of you, but I have combat
PTSD and being surrounded with many people on a bus is not my thing. Going to
unfamiliar places is not good either. So I give myself a good job and high five
today for completing one of many tasks awaiting for me in My New Life In Greece.

The Church.


1 comment:

Anna Kolokathi said...

I love to read your advertures ..!!
But..You know something Carlos ??
You just have defeat the PTSD today !!!So i give you ten high and say Good job !!!! Work on it !!! you will completely heal yourself my friend !!! It might be takes awhile..but you ll be the WINNER !!!!!