It is not easy learning to live in a different country. I am sharing my experiences and hope someone will find it useful whether living here in Greece or any other country.

Monday, December 2, 2013


Give It  Try (Exercise That Is)
With the beginning  of winter, rain and not so nice of weather I thought it would be
a good idea to join a health club. Now I am not a big over weight person, but since
I have lived here I have neglected my exercise. True, I love to walk, which I do very
often, but the rain, water running down the street, catching a cold, etc. I thought it
best to at least give it a try.

First off I needed a written statement from my doctor, that my ticker was fine. I
am a senior, and you never know about your health sometimes. My blood test are
fine, so all I needed was a pair of good walking shoes.

I started with a trainer, which was good because he had the reasons I joined the club.
First I would like to lose a little around the mid section and a little body fat. He explained
all the exercises and showed me the one's that would help me with my goals.
So, it's off to the gym Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6. Maybe a Saturday after
I get my bones in shape.

Here is a good point. Invite a friend, family member, sweetheart or anyone to join you
it will help help establish your goals and give you support to push forward and not
give up.


Sunday, November 24, 2013


There is no Thanksgiving here, but I am still thankful for having a good life,
and making new friends here. You can give thanks without the traditional
dinner, turkey and dressing and stuffing. Be thankful you are alive and healthy.
If you are not healthy keep the faith and believe that good things will come to
you. If you do not stay positive things will go down hill and that is not good.
Remember the old saying, "ask and you shall receive"? Now don't go asking
more a million dollars, (probably won't happen).

Winter is here and the rain has started. Most places need rain, but sometimes
places get a little too much at one time. Some of the things I have learned is
to never walk into flooded places. You can step in a hole or drainage ditch
as it will suck you down into it. If you are driving drive to high ground and
wait for the rain to stop, or for the rain to clear the road. Never drive in high
water, the water will stop your engine and you will wash away in your
automobile. The best advice is to check the weather if you are going to travel.
Technology is far better and accurate than years ago.  It is better to change
your plans for a few days, than have a disaster that could be heart breaking
for the rest of your live.


Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Had my first visit to the doctor. Has bothered me since I moved here because of
the language difference. But to my surprise the doctor was about my age and
spoke English. So my visit went well.  I was having lung problems and infection
and he gave me the right medications and it wasn't long until I was feeling
In the mean time I am starting to study Greek and hopefully I can learn enough
to speak some every-day conversations. It is difficult setting with others and
not understanding. Hopefully during the rainy season I can do more studying
and learn more of the language.
Don't take for granted that because you are in a different country people will
speak your language. You must make a little effort to learn new customs
and try to fit in with the people.
When I first arrived here, people would stare and it was obvious to me they
knew I wasn't from here. So I learned to blend in with the people, not make it
look like I was a photographer or just here for some fun.
Like I said before it is not easy changing your life style after so many years
in your own country.


Saturday, October 26, 2013


One of the most beautiful countries I have visited so far while in Greece.  Only a
one and a half hour flight and well worth it. Being October I expected it to be cool
and fall like temperatures. To my surprise you could actually visit the beach and
work on your tan or take a swim in clear water. I stayed three days and never seen
one cloud in the sky.  The nights were cool, but still a jacket or sweater was not

I visited a small zoo and was surprised on how clean it was. Not a lot of
animals or exotic things, but nice for small children.

Old Town Cyprus was a shoppers paradise. Everything you could think of, some
and others with plenty of bargains. I picked up a 18 carat gold rolo necklace that I have
wanted for many years, was a very good bargain. Since the summer season is ending
there were many bargains to be had.

There are a lot of new home construction, and very expensive. I would of loved to see the
inside of one for sale. Some were just a few yards away from the beach. Others up on
the sides of mountains. Most new homes were I would say 50 percent glass, and marble.

I would highly recommend Cyprus if you plan a trip to Greece or even Europe. Greece
is only a four hour flight from London.

You never miss a beautiful sunset either. Just take a walk on the beach in the evening and you'll see beautiful one's.

Sunday, September 22, 2013


Autumn is here and we had our first rain since about the last of April. The cool air
feels good after a hot summer.  It is nice to sleep at night without a fan or air
conditioner.  I know the land needs rain, but I sure don't like to get out in it and get
wet. I seem to get colds here more often than the states.  It is not as cold here in the
winter so I tend to not dress according to the weather conditions. People wear heavy
coats here and to me sometimes it doesn't feel cold enough for a coat. Maybe I'll
learn the difference since this is my second winter here.

If all goes well we plan to go to another island in a few weeks. It will probably
be our last for the year, because there is a lot of wind and the seas are rough
during the winter. Plus like I said there is a lot of rainy days in the winter.


Saturday, September 7, 2013


After a one year or six month visa, you either have to leave Greece and
come back later with a new visa, or apply for a resident permit.
A resident permit will give you one year more to stay here. The paperwork
is almost the same as is required for a visa, except some of the papers
need to be translated into Greek. So be prepared for a little more added
cost when you apply for a permit.

The best advice I can give is, (1). have a Greek friend to help you, get your
papers in order. (2). apply in plenty of time to get your papers done.
And the one thing that is most important is Have Patience. The laws are
different here as other countries, and you can get discouraged very
easy in the process.

Be sure to keep copies because you will need to do the same thing next
year, unless the laws are changed.


Friday, August 16, 2013


Another nice day taking a bus ride and visiting another of the many places

here in Greece.  Being a warm day we went to the beach to cool off and enjoy a little
swimming, and just taking in the warm sun. It is funny to me when in the water the
little fish swim around you and like to take a little nibble on your leg.

Many sights to see here. Along the beach is
plenty of cafe's if you are hungry or coffee
shops if you just want something cold to drink.
Many nice little shops to buy things to take back home, or just look
in windows as you walk down the streets.
View above of a old house and still looks nice after so many years.
Rio-Antiro's Bridge
Beautiful bridge you cross going to and leaving Nafpactos.

I highly recommend Nafpactos if you visit Greece. It makes a nice weekend
place for the family, or just a little get away for yourself.


Monday, August 12, 2013


Another island this weekend, little warm, and a lot of walking. Hydra is lots of
stone and uphill walking.

 This was a long ways up and interesting find at the top.
This is Leonard Cohen's, (Award winning Canadian poet and songwriter), house.
Don't expect him to answer the door. I believe this was his house in the 60's and
who knows if he is the owner now or not.

There are no vehicles allowed on the island. So you walk or take the local taxi.
A little disappointed that there is no beach to swim. You have to climb down hills to
the water. Is not bad if you are young and in good physical shape, but at my age is
a little dangerous.

Plenty of shopping places and cafes to eat or get drinks. Very beautiful to look out
to the sea and see many types of boats and sail ships.

I recommend Hydra for visiting, but if you have walking disabilities better think
about it.

If you love it and decide to stay check out above.


Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Early morning sunshine so bright it blinds me.
Coming over mountains and streams, brillant
streaks of blue, pink and red.
Birds are singing their hearts out as the
new day breaks.
Have I finally found what I am looking for?
Or just a dream that consumes my mind
in sleep?

Sunday, August 4, 2013


Come join me as I explore Greece and all the beautiful islands,
 and culture.
Endless sunsets breathing taking sunrises.
Sandy white sand beaches.
Crystal clear water.

Saturday, August 3, 2013


July was nice, but started to get a little warm, and down right hot the last week. Took
in a little traveling and swimming on a few beaches. Enjoyed being outside and taking
in the long days of sunshine and enjoying  my evening walk.

August is here now and compared to my homeland it can be the hottest month of
the year. Just have to wait and see, maybe I'll be surprised and it won't be that bad
after all. I'll take another trip sometime this month, enjoy some more swimming
and outside restaurants. 

Only thing I miss about the summer months here is rain. Sure doesn't seem to rain
much in the summer. I don't like to get out in the rain, but it is nice once in awhile,
and I know the farmers would appreciate it.

Santorini, one of the most famous beaches in Greece.


Friday, August 2, 2013


Whenever I visit a different island, or anywhere I go I am always on the lookout for
old doors. I don't know what attracted me to them, but they are interesting to look
at. I take a mental picture on how the house might have looked like years ago 
and how the door seems to be the focal point of the house.

It's a shame that the younger age de-face property with paint and silly remarks.
But it goes on everywhere in the world. I have seen lots of very good art on walls
and other places, and often wonder if some of these people become artists, if not
they are wasting their talents.

But as the seasons chance my picture taking changes.  I try to keep my pictures in
with the seasons, like flowers in the spring, beaches in the summer.  You always
have the sunset and early morning sunrise, whatever season it is.

Thanks for reading and I will try to do more posting so others can read and
maybe get a little out of my Life Here In Greece.


Tuesday, July 30, 2013


The days are getting hotter, and staying inside is a good idea.  Having some ice tea,

or just taking it easy watching television, or taking a nice nap is my way of spending a hot day.

Going out in the evening for a walk and stopping by a coffee shop, or having a little

cup of ice cream, makes for a relaxing evening. Your doggie, if you have one will appreciate

the walk after spending a day inside away from the blistering heat.

Just a few simple things will help make a better day.

If you must go out remember the hat, umbrella, sunscreen, bottle of water and wear

light colored clothing.  Take small walks and never get in a hurry.  Sit down if you feel dizzy

or start sweating too much.

These few simple things will make your day a little better.


~~~CcP~~~7-30-2013life is simple

Sunday, July 28, 2013


A two hour bus ride and beautiful scenery along the way takes me to Tolo, Greece.
Although it is a warm day, the beach and clean waters will soon be refreshing.
 The sand is warm and relaxing to tired feet and healthy for your body.
One of the best hotels I have experienced while in Greece. Warm, relaxing,friendly
staff, clean and well maintained property. You can relax at the pool and enjoy a bar drink
or just take a short walk down the road to the beach.

For the shopping folks, there is all you can ask for. Postcards to send to the friends
and relatives back home, toys and beach supplies if you have children, grocery
stores for some food things if you have a small kitchen in your room.

This is by all means the night life city. You can have a nice meal at a sidewalk cafe,
take a short walk down to the beach and catch one of the most beautiful sunsets you
have ever seen.

Check for plenty of information on Greece if you are interested in visiting


Saturday, July 20, 2013


The sun and beach is fun and relaxing, good exercise and swimming too!  Before taking on
a day or two on a weekend I do a little homework, and plan exactly what I want to do,
how I plan to get there, how long to stay and so on.

Tourist season is here and plenty of people. Sad as it may seem there our people out there
just waiting for your wallet, purse or anything of value. I take in the sights, but still keep
an eye in my surrounding. While you are mentally involved in that phone call someone
or some people could have you in mind for an easy target. Best advice is to never go alone,
group travel is great, because of the guide and bus schedule, so you know exactly where
to go and when to return.

Today I went to the National Archaeological Museum, which is the largest archaeological
museum in Greece and one of the most important museums in the world devoted to ancient
Greek art.
 Very interesting, and unbelievable history, once in a lifetime
experience for me. A few hours in the museum, a little walk
down the road, and boarded a tour bus for a couple hours
ride to a sunny warm beach for a little sun and cool swim.
Made for a relaxing day.

Accomplishment for the day:
Learned some more of Geek History.
Got some well need exercise.
Plenty of fresh air and sunshine.

Best advice I can give before heading out: do a little planning, check out schedules, make
sure the place you are going is open. Take a bottle of water, (you will need it).  Beware
of your surrounding.
The best old time advice, The Early Bird GetsThe Worm...


Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Sure the country is beautiful, plenty of sunshine, warm days and relaxing evening,

whether over-looking a balcony or taking a evening walk.

But to tell you the truth Greece has it's problems like any other country in the world.

Jobs are being lost everyday, unemployment lines are longer, the list goes on.

I guess if a person is retired and living here in a retirement status, things are not

bad, considering you don't have to work or be dependent on the government for

your needs. Or maybe I should say, hoping the government will come to your needs.

To roll it all up it is basically a live one day at a time country.  One never knows what

the next day will bring, but that is the same all over the world. So I guess it depends

on where you want to live, how bad you want to live.

Greece was my choice.


Wednesday, May 15, 2013


No where is perfect or a living paradise. Everywhere has it's Up's and Downs.

Five things I like about Greece.

1. The people.  everyone is friendly and helpful.

2.  The food. most food is the same here, it is just cooked different.

3.  The weather. seems just like winter and summer here. not too hot
and not to cold.

4.  The sea. Love the water and breezes on hot days.

5.  The island. many to visit and never ending history to study.

Five things I don't like about Greece.

1.  Crossing streets. so much traffic, you have to just take your
changes and hope vehicles watch for you.

2.  Beggers. I like to help people, but most never take no for an answer.

3.  Getting ripped off. Happens everywhere, not just here.

4. Strikes. Not having a car puts a burden on people if there is
no transportation.

5. Crowded places. hard to get use to with so many people.

So there it is.  I had many more likes, just touched on a few. Believe it or not it took me
some time thinking to come up with number 5 on things I don't like. I'll work on the
dislikes and maybe things will get better.

As they say, think on the good things in life, don't dwell on the bad.


Friday, May 10, 2013


Our Ride To Spetses

Off on another adventure for two day's. Above is our ride, only two hours with one stop
along the way.

Here we are on the right as we approach the dock.  Plenty of sunshine and very warm today.

 Stopped for a coffee and checked on our hotel, nice man drove us to the hotel. Un-paced
and off to see the island. The island is famous for pine trees, but to me this is a Christmas
Lovely homes with beauty covering the entrances.
Sunset, our first night.

Enjoy a meal on the seashore.

 Lots of walking, can even take a horse and buggy ride up the coast. Lots of shopping
and just a little reminder, people are not honest and if you are not careful they will
charge you more than the item is worth. It is a shame that the world is like this now
days. Everywhere is in a bad economic situation.
This has been one of my best adventures so far, and many more to come.
Ride back to Athens.  


Saturday, May 4, 2013


My first Easter in Greece. USA Easter was a few weeks ago, so I guess I get to enjoy
another one. Is very quite here during this time, not many out on the streets, religious
activities and people gathering with friends and relatives to enjoy time together.

I had a wonderful dinner today, main course was baby goat. First time for me, had a
taste like chicken. When I was young meals of  goat and lamb wasn't on the menu. So
I am having fun tasting many different foods here in Greece.

Lots of first's for me. Made it through my first winter, working on spring now.  Getting
warm now so I am hoping I won't have to rely on my inhaler too much this summer.

Taking a couple days off next week and going to visit another island. Check back again
and I will have pictures and another adventure to tell you on My New Life In Greece.


Monday, April 29, 2013


Monday is farmers market day.  I have my sunscreen on, shorts, (getting warm now). Let's
go before it gets too hot. I have been here a few times and have never made it to the
end. I seem to always find everything I need about a third of the way through. I walk
to the right side, but so many people you just have to make the best of it.
First stop tomatoes, always my favorite, they are good for the body and goes with
any meal, great in salads or just slice and eat. Yep, the price is right too, 1 Euro.
Today's exchange $1.30 US. Not bad.

Lemons, yes, goes in salad too.

1.30 Euro. About $1.90 US.

Egg's anyone? Holly cow, which one?
I chose these 2 Euro.

Saved the best to last.
One pint straight from the farm 1.30 Euro.

Grand total about $4.00 dollars in US funds.

Back home unloaded my shopping bags. So, what did I accomplish out of this?

Sure the cost wasn't bad, compared to other parts of the world it was a bargain.
But honestly I got my exercise, my daily sun (used my sunscreen today). Relaxed
a little in the park, helped the farmers out, they never know from one day to the
next what the crops or livestock will do. Helped the economy by buying my
sunscreen locally.  So now I can relax and feel good about my day.  Hope yours is
the same.

~~~CcP~~~ 4-29-2013

Sorry about the video, I held my camera at my waist, so people wouldn't think I was
filming the evening news.

Sunday, April 28, 2013


Well I made it through the winter, sure didn't miss shoveling snow. Springtime is here
and flowers are blooming, grass getting green, warm sunshine adds a special touch to
the day.
Have to keep in mind the sun is much hotter here than I am used to and need to keep
the old sunscreen handy. Keeping a bottle of water is a must if out and about walking
or just setting and taking in the sunshine or sitting on the beach.

Not as much rain now that winter is over, but is nice once in awhile,( gives the flowers
and plants a little much needed drink). And is a blessing to the farmers and wildlife.

Have many things planned for the summer, probably not get them all accomplished but
will give it my best shot.
Lunar eclispe, Athens, Greece April 25,2013

Viewed the eclispe last night, not much of a picture, but something to remember.
Temping To Jump In And Cool Off

So many roses here

Every color you can imagine


Couldn't be better, nice breeze, 85 degrees, 29.77 celsius.
Nice try but we are walking, follow me and I'll show you a little on the way.

 Love to window shop, looks like a good selection for the ladies here in this shop.
Cool, just the place I need in case my pc gets sick on me.

Nice, here is a place for rover or you kitty cat, bird or whatever you have to keep you company.
 Can't read all the words, but the pictures tell the story.
Another church for my church picture collection. Very beautiful on the inside, well worth your
time to step inside, please ask inside before taking pictures.
Oh no, looks like a little snack shop. They have all your needs, soda pop, popcorn, water,
cigarettes, bus tickets, just like a little shopping center on the road.
Yep, they got um here too, all your sports needs.Got me a pair of walking
pants and jacket there a few weeks ago, good price and good quality.
Best place to find your local police, coffee and donuts always, nice start
for your day.
Be prepared for not so easy walking, dirt, rocks, not uncommon. Walking is
very hard on your feet here.  You have cement, marble, cobblestone, rock,
plenty of stairs and up hill. I have walked for years and my feet and back hurt
every time I take a long walk here. But the beauty, the smell of bakeries, and
food places is well worth it.

Another day in my new life.