It is not easy learning to live in a different country. I am sharing my experiences and hope someone will find it useful whether living here in Greece or any other country.

Monday, November 5, 2012


Drop in sidewalk be careful.
Most people know I like to walk. Sounds simple enough, but is it here? Now the Greek citizens and other people know what's going on, or do they? Get back to that later. Ways to travel here, mainly by car, next motor bikes, bus and the brave go by bicycle. Yep, you have to be careful or you sure get lost here. Take it from me it happens. The first thing I say before I start out,I AM NOT GOING TO GET LOST TODAY!! Be prepared before you take the stroll, good walking shoes, dress according to the weather, take a umbrella (blue skies, why take umbrella, Ok). Map very useful, cell phone, if you speak Greek, little money because you will probably need it for the last resort, take a taxi back home. Be sure to have home address written down to show the driver because your driver will probably not speak English. By all means take a camera,don't bother taking picture to find your way back because it hasn't worked for me yet. Now the good stuff. Don't worry about starving. You'll find a restaurant, coffee shop on almost every corner. Just look at the menu and when the waiter takes your order point to the picture that you just got to have. Good news is, lots of waiters speak some English. Pay attention when walking on sidewalks. They are very well made, stone, brick, even marble, but a lot are uneven or a little drop off. So if you are looking at lovely woman swinging their rear or just looking around, you might find yourself picking yourself up off the ground. These are just a few tips I have, maybe you are a little smarter than me or have a good memory of finding your way back home. To be honest i have had to take a cab three times now because of not paying attention to where I was going. Back to my first statement: The Greeks know what is going on. As I took my walk yesterday, and yes I got lost, two different cars stopped and said something to me, naturally in Greek. Had a pretty good idea what they both were asking, do you know where so and so is? So you see the Greeks get lost too. Always try to end with some humor. I AM NOT LOST, I AM JUST NOT SURE WHERE I AM!! ~~~CcP~~~11-5-2012

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


You ever go somewhere and think you just died and went to heaven?

That is the way I fell this weekend with dear friend.  We took weekend for two days and
got on large boat and visit Perrissa Black Beach Santorini.  It was long trip, but we see
people from all over the world, London, Australia, Japan, and others from so many different
On ship.

Anna going to apartment.

lands to come visit Greece islands.

Our next visit will be dear friend up North, I love to see one more time before I depart again
to my country.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Daily Walk

BP Here Too.
Anyone Care For A Lime?
My Favorite Coffee Shop
I walked a lot in the US, but is a little different here. I suppose if I was out in the wild it
wouldn't be bad with the wide open space. It is just a little different watching for cars and
motorbikes, sure don't want to day dream on a walk around town.
I am a little like a woman I guess, I do lots of window shopping, looking at the different
things here, that is not in the US. Most things are basically the same, only the names have
changed, that sounds like a quote in a television series years ago. ONLY THE NAMES
Love The Old In Windows and Doors
HAVE CHANGED TO PROTECT THE INNOCENT.  I believe it was a television dectitive
I Think She Is Checking Facebook.
Today on my walk I thought I would do a little Smile You Are on Candid Camera.

Got the Funny Little Cars Here Too.
I love old doors, the found a gold mind full of them here. I could spend the day just looking
at old doors on houses and building.

If you are a coffee lover, I believe there is a coffee shop on every corner.  I stop sometimes
She Gave a Little Smile
and have a cup and watch people walk by. Turn your head and you understand why.

Feeding the Birds   

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Everything Is First

Taking the bus, learning the metro, the train.  This is like starting all over just in a different
country. Walking in the streets, sounds a little funny to me at first, just keep a good look out
behind you, or you just might get run down.  Or walk on the sidewalk and hope you don't stub
your toe, mostly brick and uneven, but what isn't?

People everywhere, cars, motorcycles weaving in and out of traffic, at first it seems like a free-
for- all. I guess with so much traffic the police just let the traffic go at a flow, until a accident
happens, and you bet they'll be there.

First ride on the metro. I call it a subway, but either way, never been on one. All I can say is, it
moves out, better hang on, unless you're lucky and get a seat. It stops at stations along the way
they are written in Greek, but I hope to catch on someday.

First time seeing the sea. The Pacific ocean is all I have seen and took a few dips in. Took a few
dips in  Southeast Asia waters, but not on vacation there. Visited my first island one of thousands
they say.
One of many boats for visiting islands

First Sunset
My Tour Guide.

Beautiful Women In Greece

My Top Two Facebook Friends.

Welcome to my new blog

Starting my new life in Greece, many posts to follow as I explore this country God blessed
with beauty and heart warming adventures.