It is not easy learning to live in a different country. I am sharing my experiences and hope someone will find it useful whether living here in Greece or any other country.

Saturday, March 23, 2013


After many times of traveling here and there with my tour guide I finally decided
today was the day to go for it on my own. Having memory problems I was a little
nervous and sure didn't want to get my anxiety going. Getting the bus ticket is my
hardest task since I don't speak Greek. So I have a ticket that is void and I just show
it to the person selling and they get the idea and bingo I have my ticket.

I have written down the bus number so all I have to do is find my way to the bus
stop and wait for the bus with the correct number.  Made it on, now I relax, look out
the window or just sit and watch people and try to pick up on a little Greek talk.

Having made this trip before with others, I keep myself a little note pad in my jacket
that I have written down the time it takes the bus to get to my destination. Now this
is great, but sometimes the driver has many stops and that makes the trip longer.
So I pick out something obvious at the destination, like a restaurant, a shopping
center, or in this case a big church. So, the bus approaches the church and I have
a big relief.

Now this seems funny and maybe a little childish to some of you, but I have combat
PTSD and being surrounded with many people on a bus is not my thing. Going to
unfamiliar places is not good either. So I give myself a good job and high five
today for completing one of many tasks awaiting for me in My New Life In Greece.

The Church.


Thursday, March 21, 2013


Getting more settled down and time to add some new furniture in the home I share
with my friend. Being a big guy, I noticed most furniture is a little low to the floor,
which causes a little problem on the old back. I love to walk so we did a lot of window
shopping.  The more I looked the more I noticed the decors are exactly as the USA,
a little different in price, but basically the same.

Our first to wanted list was the bed in the bedroom. Getting a little older and the old bones
in the back need a little more support. Bed was low to the floor and not that bad for a
young person, but we both made a decision  to put it to the bed graveyard. Besides having
a good meal everyday, the old body needs rest, so you can get up and tackle the world
the next day.  Or just lay in bed and let others do it.

Stopped in a furniture store one evening while walking, looked like a very nice place.
It was named Lavdas Furniture here in Ilion, Greece. Immediately greeted by a lovely
lady, which we soon found out was the owner. We introduced ourselves and looked
at the many selections in the showroom.  Come to find out the owner was also a designer
and she did a wonderful job on making sure the bed was the right size for our room, matched
our bedroom d├ęcor, and even scheduled a visit to our home to be exactly sure we were making
the right choice.

She went above and beyond the call of duty, and we got exactly what we paid for, we have
no regrets or complaints on the service we received. 

So you see, you get what you pay for. Best advice I can give is treat people like you want
to be treated. It was my best experience in Greece and it has added beauty and memories we will
forever remember.
A Good Nights Sleep


Please check the link for a tour of Lavdas


Sunday, March 17, 2013


Little confusing to me being from the United States, but interesting.  Now in the states it
is a one day or night affair, dress up, take your parents hands, go out knock on doors and
do a little trick for some candy.Yes is cool I guess.

Now here in Greece it is a little different story.  About the first week of March Halloween
starts and ends the last of March. Now that is a lot of candy nights, but it doesn't work that
way. Not being Greek and totally understanding the the full meaning of their Halloween
I can only describe my observation with the events in March. I noticed the shopping centers
have masks and the brooms and gadgets needed for the events of the months. Kids and a
few adults will wear a mask, just for the heck of it I guess, in town or down streets.
Lots of pink hair, little red too.

On weekends parents will take their children to parks in their customers and have a picnic.
Kites On The Last Weekend For Sale.

Balloons, candy, you name it they sell it.

More Kites.

Sunday and Monday is kite day I guess. Monday is a holiday, and the last day
of Halloween.

Now time sure has changed, when I was young a kite costs me 10 cents.


Another day ends in my New Life.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Getting Around In Greece

Took a walk today and enjoyed the coming of spring.  As I walk I see sights I haven't
seen and occasionally a subject pops up in my mind for a blog spot.  If you are like me
driving a car in Greece is beyond my wildest dreams.  So that brings me to the title of this
post, Getting Around In Greece.

Reliable transportation for the brave.

For The Higher Up's

All Styles To Choose From
This Comes In Handy Too

The Want- To- Get There Fast People.

The Budget Minded.

The Last Resort.

You can always use shoe leather, but I recommend having a umbrella handy
Have No Idea What This Is, But Made A Nice Picture

I like to walk and I am not in a hurry to get anywhere.

So, I'll use the shoe leather style.