It is not easy learning to live in a different country. I am sharing my experiences and hope someone will find it useful whether living here in Greece or any other country.

Sunday, November 24, 2013


There is no Thanksgiving here, but I am still thankful for having a good life,
and making new friends here. You can give thanks without the traditional
dinner, turkey and dressing and stuffing. Be thankful you are alive and healthy.
If you are not healthy keep the faith and believe that good things will come to
you. If you do not stay positive things will go down hill and that is not good.
Remember the old saying, "ask and you shall receive"? Now don't go asking
more a million dollars, (probably won't happen).

Winter is here and the rain has started. Most places need rain, but sometimes
places get a little too much at one time. Some of the things I have learned is
to never walk into flooded places. You can step in a hole or drainage ditch
as it will suck you down into it. If you are driving drive to high ground and
wait for the rain to stop, or for the rain to clear the road. Never drive in high
water, the water will stop your engine and you will wash away in your
automobile. The best advice is to check the weather if you are going to travel.
Technology is far better and accurate than years ago.  It is better to change
your plans for a few days, than have a disaster that could be heart breaking
for the rest of your live.


Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Had my first visit to the doctor. Has bothered me since I moved here because of
the language difference. But to my surprise the doctor was about my age and
spoke English. So my visit went well.  I was having lung problems and infection
and he gave me the right medications and it wasn't long until I was feeling
In the mean time I am starting to study Greek and hopefully I can learn enough
to speak some every-day conversations. It is difficult setting with others and
not understanding. Hopefully during the rainy season I can do more studying
and learn more of the language.
Don't take for granted that because you are in a different country people will
speak your language. You must make a little effort to learn new customs
and try to fit in with the people.
When I first arrived here, people would stare and it was obvious to me they
knew I wasn't from here. So I learned to blend in with the people, not make it
look like I was a photographer or just here for some fun.
Like I said before it is not easy changing your life style after so many years
in your own country.