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Thursday, March 21, 2013


Getting more settled down and time to add some new furniture in the home I share
with my friend. Being a big guy, I noticed most furniture is a little low to the floor,
which causes a little problem on the old back. I love to walk so we did a lot of window
shopping.  The more I looked the more I noticed the decors are exactly as the USA,
a little different in price, but basically the same.

Our first to wanted list was the bed in the bedroom. Getting a little older and the old bones
in the back need a little more support. Bed was low to the floor and not that bad for a
young person, but we both made a decision  to put it to the bed graveyard. Besides having
a good meal everyday, the old body needs rest, so you can get up and tackle the world
the next day.  Or just lay in bed and let others do it.

Stopped in a furniture store one evening while walking, looked like a very nice place.
It was named Lavdas Furniture here in Ilion, Greece. Immediately greeted by a lovely
lady, which we soon found out was the owner. We introduced ourselves and looked
at the many selections in the showroom.  Come to find out the owner was also a designer
and she did a wonderful job on making sure the bed was the right size for our room, matched
our bedroom d├ęcor, and even scheduled a visit to our home to be exactly sure we were making
the right choice.

She went above and beyond the call of duty, and we got exactly what we paid for, we have
no regrets or complaints on the service we received. 

So you see, you get what you pay for. Best advice I can give is treat people like you want
to be treated. It was my best experience in Greece and it has added beauty and memories we will
forever remember.
A Good Nights Sleep


Please check the link for a tour of Lavdas


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Anna Kolokathi said...

Nice article Carlos..! The good job must be payed !!!! A good word must pay back too.In actions not words staying words only.Thank you for your kindness about my country`s life..!! We all deserve.. that we pay for..!!!