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Monday, August 12, 2013


Another island this weekend, little warm, and a lot of walking. Hydra is lots of
stone and uphill walking.

 This was a long ways up and interesting find at the top.
This is Leonard Cohen's, (Award winning Canadian poet and songwriter), house.
Don't expect him to answer the door. I believe this was his house in the 60's and
who knows if he is the owner now or not.

There are no vehicles allowed on the island. So you walk or take the local taxi.
A little disappointed that there is no beach to swim. You have to climb down hills to
the water. Is not bad if you are young and in good physical shape, but at my age is
a little dangerous.

Plenty of shopping places and cafes to eat or get drinks. Very beautiful to look out
to the sea and see many types of boats and sail ships.

I recommend Hydra for visiting, but if you have walking disabilities better think
about it.

If you love it and decide to stay check out above.


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