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Monday, April 29, 2013


Monday is farmers market day.  I have my sunscreen on, shorts, (getting warm now). Let's
go before it gets too hot. I have been here a few times and have never made it to the
end. I seem to always find everything I need about a third of the way through. I walk
to the right side, but so many people you just have to make the best of it.
First stop tomatoes, always my favorite, they are good for the body and goes with
any meal, great in salads or just slice and eat. Yep, the price is right too, 1 Euro.
Today's exchange $1.30 US. Not bad.

Lemons, yes, goes in salad too.

1.30 Euro. About $1.90 US.

Egg's anyone? Holly cow, which one?
I chose these 2 Euro.

Saved the best to last.
One pint straight from the farm 1.30 Euro.

Grand total about $4.00 dollars in US funds.

Back home unloaded my shopping bags. So, what did I accomplish out of this?

Sure the cost wasn't bad, compared to other parts of the world it was a bargain.
But honestly I got my exercise, my daily sun (used my sunscreen today). Relaxed
a little in the park, helped the farmers out, they never know from one day to the
next what the crops or livestock will do. Helped the economy by buying my
sunscreen locally.  So now I can relax and feel good about my day.  Hope yours is
the same.

~~~CcP~~~ 4-29-2013

Sorry about the video, I held my camera at my waist, so people wouldn't think I was
filming the evening news.

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Anna Kolokathi said...

For are the best journalist who represents my country,and i m very proud of ya !!!Thanks for your new article and the beautiful fotos and video !!! Yep !!!!! We ve got Easter time in Greece..and all we running for our shoppings ..!!!Not worry about the video..!!!! It`s perfect !!!!!! Thanks again !!!!!