It is not easy learning to live in a different country. I am sharing my experiences and hope someone will find it useful whether living here in Greece or any other country.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Greek Women

True, Greek women are very beautiful. But that is not the purpose of this post. Greek women are caring, religious and the best wife you can find. (If that is what you are looking for). Coming from another country I believe mostly men think, they have found a slave to wait on them hand and foot. This could be true in some cases I guess. Most women don't want any help like hanging clothes to dry, or washing dishes. I believe this is old customs. In the world today both parents have to work to survive. If just the husband works and comes home tired, yes he needs to rest. But they often forget the wife, (if she has children) has spent the day taking care of children, maybe some are sick, etc. Washing clothes, ironing, preparing meals, maybe working in the hot sun in the garden. Then comes bed time. The man is rested now well feed and wants a little loving. Holly cow, give her a break. More to come, thanks for reading. ~~CcP~~9-5-2017

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Ειρήνη Κολοκαθη said...

Very nice words and truthful. ..though U r not from here seems u know us (women) better..than we ourselves. ..����