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Monday, December 21, 2015

Christmas in Greece 2015

No snow in the mountains, also warm enough to go swimming. Will there be a winter of cold and north winds, that brings out the mittens, scarfs and warm coats? Warm is good I guess, but I think it confuses Mother Nature. Flowers blooming and fruits on trees. Animals not sleeping that should be. The time of the year to give gifts and remembering good times with family and friends. Loved one's who are no longer with us. Giving to those on the streets and in homes with no heat, or those with no homes. It is better to give than receive. It is the love and the gift that counts. Remember when you give you will receive two times over. This is confusing to some and myself a few years ago. People give money to church and wonder where and when the double in return will be. It doesn't say your double will be in cash if you give cash. It also says there is no time involved. It could be years and you won't even realize it when something good happens. To me I give and expect nothing in return. So, I am not dreaming or expecting a white Christmas. Only seen a few in my life time. I have been behind the snow shovel in below freezing temperatures, almost frozen toes and fingers, wind burn and so on. ~~~CcP~~~12-21-2015

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