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Friday, September 4, 2015

Vacation to Crete, Greece

Only a forty five minute flight from Athens to Heraklion airport in Crete. It is a very big island and renting a car is recommended. We did our sightseeing by bus and a lot of walking. The days are hot and always windy. When the sun sets the wind will die down a little and the evening will be warm. If staying in a hotel be sure to get one with air conditioning. Most hotels have air conditioning, but is better to be safe than sorry. The sea in the area where we stayed is very hard to swim in. The tide comes in very hard and is hard to stand up. You have to swim out far to get away from the hard waves. Unless you are a good swimmer I would not go out far. There was no life guard, so you are on your own. The night life is nice, plenty of restaurants and coffee shops. Lots of ice cream shops and grocery stores if you rented a apartment with a microwave and cooking supplies. The city offers plenty of tours if you want to see the city or go further into the island. I highly recommend Crete for a vacation if you visit Greece for a vacation.


Anna GrouezaKolokathi said...
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Anna GrouezaKolokathi said...
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Anna GrouezaKolokathi said...

Very pretty i must saying,the way of puting things ! You're not mention about mosquitos,were there many! Ask my skin ...;)

Jose Morales said...

Hello Carlos,

What areas did you visit in Crete? And did you find the cost of living higher there than in the mainland?

Jose' Morales

Carlos Parscal said...

We visited the southern part of Crete. Mostly tourists in this area. Staying in a hotel is no higher than anywhere else. Restaurants were not expensive, so it was no higher living than the mainland in my opinion.