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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Going swimming

Took a trip by boat to an island to swim on a hot Saturday. I am not much into swimming but it is nice once in awhile. I'll pass on a few lessons learned. I have been to several counties in the Far East, Okinawa, Japan, Malayasia and Vietnam. My point is,Greece has the hottest sun I have ever been under. You will fry so- to-speak in about an hour. Lesson learned: a. Apply sunscreen before you leave home so it can soak in. b.Apply another thin layer when you get to the beach or swimming pool. (do not rub it in like a massage). c. Do not stay there all day the beach will be there tomorrow. I did part of the above but not correctly, so here I sit with a nose like the Christmas reindeer. I am not into selfies, so you have to take my word for it. On my few days trip to Rhodes, Greece I missed my number one bucket list:
Well, maybe next time. Off to another island soon, summer is fast coming to a close. ~~~CcP~~~

1 comment:

Anna Kolokathi said...

Well done Carlos !!! Even with a nose like redeer !!!
If that will makes you feel better....My back has become like tomato too !!!
We ll be more careful on the next time.