It is not easy learning to live in a different country. I am sharing my experiences and hope someone will find it useful whether living here in Greece or any other country.

Saturday, February 21, 2015


I have much to learn about Greek customs. This month is Carnival, like the New Orleans Mardi Gras I guess. The last weekend is full of celebration, lots of eating, flying kites and basically having a good time. Sunday is cheese day, (I love cheese, good day for me, Ha!) Monday starts other breads and macaroni, since fish is not allowed. I don't care for some fishes, tuna is ok, but the squid, octopus does not appeal to me. When I was young I loved to fish and catch catfish, it was good then but as I got older I guess I just lost my appetite for some fishes. Like I said I have much to learn and the country and customs, I learn a little at a time. ~~~CcP~~1-22-2015

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