It is not easy learning to live in a different country. I am sharing my experiences and hope someone will find it useful whether living here in Greece or any other country.

Saturday, February 2, 2013


The best things in life are free.  Just take a look at me.
Nice park, is free, fresh air is free, watch ducks in pond is free, warm sun is free.
Meeting people is free, maybe buy something from farmers to help them in their life.
That is also free, you free your soul of anxiety, bitterness, and hate.

People say in these days of troubled worlds "nothing is free anymore", they are wrong.
Make your life a little more simple, don't set your goals for best money can buy, how much
you have. Take advantage of what our father gave us and use it wisely.

Everything was put on this earth to survive.  Take a little sometime and just relax and
think, and I believe you will agree with me The Best Things In Life Are Free.


Almost Forgot the sea is free!!
Love This Corn

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Anna Kolokathi said...

"best things in life are free !!!!!! "
Yes !!!!!!!! you do your best you can !!! no charge on others what they might count on you !!!! Do the best you can and enjoy it to the limits..!!!!very good article Carlos !!!! I really enjoy to read you !!!!!